Access control

Access Control is a crucial component of security infrastructure that regulates and manages the access rights of people entering and circulating in buildings. It serves as a protective measure, ensuring that only authorised individuals can access specific areas on a specific schedule, while preventing unauthorised access. Enhance your security by eliminating the need for keys, which are easily lost or duplicated and disappear when terminated employees fail to return them. Access cards can be disabled instantly, or tagged with a “lost”, “stolen” or “invalid” status.
Access control systems employ a combination of physical mechanisms, such as locks, readers, and credentials, along with digital authentication methods like biometric or Mobile-PASS. They maintain confidentiality and ensure the safety of personnel. They play a pivotal role in modern security frameworks across industries, ranging from residential buildings and offices to critical infrastructure and high-security environments.

For more than 15 years, CDVI has been delivering its expertise in access control, with a full-time team based in Canada designing and developing products in-house from the hardware to the software that meet the diverse needs of today’s security.


CDVI has a complete ecosystem in the access control field, from product concept, research & development, procurement & manufacturing, marketing & sales, to customer care & support, we are geared to working with our partners in making the world more safe and secure

Shawn Gore – Commercial Director for CDVI Group


In 2006, CDVI Americas, the subsidiary in charge of the North & South America continents, began with the first line of online access control products named CENTAUR, a system which already had a good reputation on the market.
Centaur Integrated Access Control Software is a system that offers a complete access control solution. From a single door system to a complex multi-site installation with numerous card holders, Centaur is geared to perform and to fulfill all your needs with its different modules: burglar alarm integration, effective time & attendance management, live interactive floor plan, parking, asset & visitor management, guard tour. Growing with you as the needs of your facility evolve, Centaur can easily be expanded to conquer any access control challenge.


In 2011, CDVI launched a new line of access control products under the ATRIUM brand name. This product was developed by CDVI Americas for installations requiring 10 doors or less, a new market segment. Following its launch, CDVI Americas won an innovator mention with regards to its ATRIUM product in the safety and security field. Indeed, ATRIUM has been selected by the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP), a Canadian Government program that recognizes excellent Canadian innovations. The ATRIUM system secures a building’s physical access points. As a web-based system access it uses web browsers, electronic tablets or smartphones over an ultrafast communication providing security and peace of mind. In addition to several other key features, ATRIUM provides a unique, quick and easy mode for adding and deleting access cards without the use of a computer.

ATRIUM is a Canadan designed product developed by CDVI’s own research and development department. It stands out completely from the competition for its ease of use and installation. The various modules auto-detect and configure themselves. Additionally, ATRIUM includes a pre-assembled power supply for both the system and its locking accessories. The KRYPTO line of ATRIUM prevents card cloning while providing instant high security from system startup. KRYPTO’s end-to-end “ecosystem” provides military-grade encryption without requiring advanced technical knowledge. This generation also allows the use of a mobile credential to unlock doors from a smartphone.

A22K Controller

The ATRIUM A22K two door IP controller works perfectly with the most popular Wiegand card readers or with the embedded KRYPTO high-security solution, providing the best of both worlds in access control. KRYPTO is the easiest solution to manage DESFire® EV2/EV3 smart credentials on the market making worries of card cloning a thing of the past. The auto restore of encryption keys upon power failure ensures an effortless system start up and management. Additionally, the A22K can easily be converted to an Elevator Controller (A22KEC), Schlage Door Handle Controller (ADH2K), or Aperio Door Handle Controller (A2PK) as needed. ATRIUM’s efficiency will simplify your life.

KRYPTO Readers

These state-of-the-art devices not only prevent card cloning but also offer instant, high-level security right from system startup. With military-grade encryption and user-friendly interfaces, Krypto Readers exemplify CDVI’s commitment to cutting-edge and user-centric solutions in the realm of access control.


CDVI offers an extensive selection of credentials. From the key tag to the cards, without forgetting the Mobile-PASS, we provide credentials in different styles, sizes, encryption, and formats to accommodate every installation.

Overall, access control brings a sense of control and peace of mind to individuals, businesses, and organizations in an increasingly interconnected world. It’s the answer to increasing demands for better security, efficiency and convenience. Access control systems allow you to manage which people and when they have access to physical spaces, digital resources, or sensitive data.

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