Door automation

DIGIWAY Products

The range DIGIWAY, designed, manufactured and sold by CDVI, allows to automate swing doors.

DIGIWAY is well suited to automate doors intended for disabled people, making in this way the passage more accessible and improving their quality of life. Nursing homes, hospitals, offices, gyms, but also private homes etc. are typical situations for the installation of this appliance.

DIGIWAY, brought to you by CDVI Wireless, emerged as a game-changer in 
the market. We aimed to surpass expectations. With built-in features like an 
LCD display, multi-language support, full performing software, and a universal 
arm kit, Digiway simplifies installation, making it a must-have for installers 
and distributors. Experience a new era of door automation – easy, versatile, 
and performance-driven.
G. Massimo Dalle Carbonare –  Product Manager CDVI Wireless


It consists of 2 models, DIGIWAY Plus, with battery, for doors up to 120 kg and DIGIWAY-SR, with spring return closing, for doors weighing up to 150 kg. Both models allow to automate single or double doors, with a push outward or pull inward movement. The extremely sophisticated and excellent performing software has been continuously improved over years of tests on the field. The set-up is simplified by a software assistant that helps the programming steps. 

The automation is designed to be extremely efficient and safe, since it can be adjusted according to the different installation needs (management of the flow of people, isolation a specific area of the building…). 


In addition to the inputs for controls and safety devices, in compliance with all the regulations relating to this type of product, the device can be equipped with an optional Bluetooth module, which allows the management via Smartphone, using a free App, called “DIGIWAY BLE”, properly created by the CDVI engineering team, available for Android & iOS. 

It allows to break down artificial barriers an ensures the maintenance of the temperature inside the room This translates into a consumption reduction, contributing concretely to energy, environmental and social sustainability. 

Finally, the use of door openers offers greater safety and comfort, guaranteeing greater privacy and protection against unwanted intrusions and a whole series of advantages, that aim to improve the quality of life, ranging from energy saving, convenience, and gate crossing management.

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