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CDVI an early innovator

David Benhammou, an electrical engineer by trade, founded CDVI in Paris in 1985. He was looking for a solution to the challenges of using manual keys for access control in apartment blocks. The question was: what happens if you haven’t got keys and there isn’t anyone inside the building? His answer was a keypad made of wood and the brand we now know as Digicode®.

The success of Digicode® has grown consistently since those early days. In France, “Digicode” has even passed into the common French language as a byword for “keypad”.

The next product that CDVI developed was a power supply, to reduce voltage from 220V to 12V. The result was the first power supply on the market with a built-in 24-hour battery backup.

We’re still making and selling both of these first CDVI products today.

CDVI international take-off

In its initial eight years, CDVI primarily focused on keypads and power supplies, concentrating its business operations primarily in France. The turning point arrived two years later when Yoram Benhamou joined forces with his older brother David to oversee the company, marking the inception of CDVI’s international expansion.

Amidst this commercial expansion, CDVI evolved into a specialist in access control, encompassing online, encrypted, and stand-alone solutions.

Distinguished as the sole manufacturer globally to integrate readers, door automation solutions, locking systems, and power supplies into its comprehensive access control range, CDVI solidified its position in the market.

Looking ahead, CDVI is committed to sustaining its international ascent while maintaining strong ties to its European heritage, evident in its production sites strategically located in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

CDVI was founded with the main aim of providing top-quality products to make life easier for installers, hence our 10-year guarantee. The company continues to develop in line with this criteria which is still very important to us.
David Benhammou – CDVI Founder
  • CDVI today

    4 design offices, 5 production sites, 13 subsidiaries worldwide


    Acquisition of the Spanish subsidiary JIS to complete our range of products for locking products

  • 2020 CDVI Germany

    Opening of the German subsidiary. Acquisition of UK subsidiary ievo (biometrics)

  • 2018 CDVI Polska

    Opening of the Polish subsidiary

  • 2007 CDVI Benelux / CDVI Ibérica

    Opening of the Belgian and Iberian subsidiaries. This is the official launch of CDVI Group

  • 2005 CDVI Americas / CDVI China

    Opening of the American subsidiary (sales and R&D subsidiary for centralised access control).

  • 2004 CDVI Switzerland / CDVI Morocco

    Opening of the Swiss and Moroccan subsidiaries

  • 2002 CDVI Wireless

    Acquisition of CDVI Wireless in Italy (sales and R&D subsidiary)

  • 2001 CDVI Italia / CDVI Sweden

    Opening of the Italian and Swedish subsidiaries

  • 2000 CDVI Electronics

    Creation of CDVI Electronics for all production and manufacturing of electronic cards boards. Acquisition of CDVI Metal

  • 1999 CDVI UK / CDVI Plastics

    Opening of the first subsidiary in England, the beginning of the group's history. Opening of plastic injection production

  • 1985 Birth of CDVI

    Creation of a family business manufacturing access control and locking systems for industry

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